You probably know Shiloh Silverman as the guy who made the viral Paypal Bitcoin parody of Paypal’s “New Money” Super Bowl commercial. Now, we are proud to announce that Shiloh has joined the team, and will be producing high-quality videos for our visitors to enjoy.

The Legendary Paypal Bitcoin Parody

Paypal Bitcoin Parody

Shiloh made his Paypal parody in response to the claim in the company’s commercial that Paypal was “New Money.” The commercial made it seem like Paypal was finally bringing money into the digital age when the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Paypal has received a lot of outrage for making it difficult to move money in and out of the platform. Users have complained that large sums of money often get stuck in Paypal for apparently no reason. A quick Google search of “money stuck in Paypal” returns pages of forum and blog posts complaining about money getting stuck on the users’ accounts. Some people even accuse Paypal of stealing their money.

Paypal isn’t “New Money,” it really isn’t that much better than the traditional banking system. And that’s why Shiloh made his parody video. He believes that Bitcoin is the where the real improvements are made to money. Bitcoin is trustless and decentralized; no one can freeze your money.

Shiloh is excited to join the team, he hopes he will be able to spread awareness about Bitcoin’s potential:

Bitcoin pumps new life into Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.” Through the voluntary exchange of goods and services, it represents a non-political mechanism that can be used to achieve a freer society in the 21st century.  That’s why I’m so excited to join the team at – if only to be a small part in the movement.

You can view the Paypal Bitcoin parody here:

Move over PAYPAL - “There’s a Newer Money in Town”

At, Shiloh will post regular videos on our official YouTube channel. The videos will cover a range of topics, with the edits aimed at entertaining viewers and making them excited about Bitcoin.

Shiloh has already posted the first of his videos on YouTube. Titled, “ Top 10 Moments in Bitcoin History,” Shiloh picked 10 significant moments since Bitcoin’s creation, and edited several pictures and news clips related to that event.

View Top 10 Moments in Bitcoin History here:

Top 10 Moments in Bitcoin History - #1 owner Roger Ver is excited to have Shiloh on the team:

It is great seeing attracting quality talent to help spread Bitcoin far and wide. I look forward to seeing Shiloh’s future work to inform people about Bitcoin.

We hope that our video content will be as compelling and entertaining as Shiloh’s Paypal Bitcoin parody video, and we hope that you’ll tune in often to watch our videos.

Are you excited to see more work from Shiloh Silverman? Let us know in the comments below!